Lohono Travelogue: Alibaug Edition

Lohono Travelogue: Alibaug Edition

September 11, 2020


Alibaug, known for its picture perfect beaches stationed against the town’s prolific history, calls for a perfect weekend getaway. The clean air intermingled with lush greenery and serene waters is exactly what one needs to break from the city life’s monotony. If Alibaug is where you are looking to spend your next couple of days, then here’s a little Lohono special tour guide for you.

Sunbathing at Kihim Beach
Located just 12 kilometers away and in close proximity to two of Lohono’s private villas in Alibaug, visiting the Kihim beach is a must. It is the perfect beach to lay out your beach rug, take out those cool shades, get yourself your favourite cocktail and laze in the sun for hours together to get that perfect beach tan.

Villa Beira Mar, Kihim


Adventure Sports at Nagaon Beach
Nagaon beach is where all the adventure goes down. Located just 9 kilometers away from Alibaug city center, this beach is famous for a host of water sport activities like banana boat ride, jet-skiing, paragliding, scuba diving and more. If you’re in search of that adrenaline rush, then Nagaon beach is the place to be.

Nagaon Beach


Taking a Trip to The Chaul
A home to the Portuguese colonization, the Chaul is a historic town located just 15 kilometers away from Alibaug. It is a home to more than 365 old temples. If you’re a history buff who loves to study the memoirs of a place, then don’t miss out on the Chaul.


Villa Magnolia, Zirad


A Promenade at the Vridavan Farm
Here is where you get to witness all of Alibaug’s flora and fauna. A peaceful walk surrounded by countless mango, guava and custard apple trees, a beautiful art and craft museum and a shop full of organic goodies like spices, varieties of honey, beeswax candles and more. Spending a day here is undeniably refreshing!

Lush and scenic view

Thus, it’s safe to say, Alibaug is all things you need in a holiday destination. And now with the RoRo having been launched, taking a trip to this coastal town is now a completely hassle free process. So wait no more, come rent a bungalow in Alibaug with Lohono Stays and experience a new way of travelling and living the luxe life.

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Lohono Travelogue: Alibaug Edition