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Shifting mindset for private holidays

April 24, 2020


Over time, every traveler has been served with over hundreds of stay options. From to-lets to hotels to shared spaces, the list is endless. The most recent in the travel and stay industry is the option of homestays including luxury villas. This concept of private getaways is fairly recent and has gained momentum the moment it set foot in India.

Villa Beira Mar, Alibaug

After a thorough research it was noticed that the Indian traveler, especially when traveling with family, friends or both would like to spend quality time with their group at any given time but simultaneously would also like their private space. This may not be possible at a hotel; staying in separate rooms with limited capacity and the only place to gather would be at the common lounge or restaurants. With rising health standards, guests now also prefer to stay away from shared pools or shower areas.

Villa Verde, North Goa

Homestays or villa rentals offer the best of both the worlds, the services of a hotel v/s the comfort of a home. For instance, a luxury Portuguese villa for rent in Goa gives holidayers the opportunity to experience the local culture whilst basking in their own private pool or in the living room with their loved ones. Another advantage that homestays have over other accommodations is the assurance of no interference from the world outside. Here the guests can enjoy the luxury of being at peace, with staff only assisting them when required. Research also show that groups of friends that travel to celebrate an event/ occasion such as a bachelor(ette) trip prefer an isolated location that can accommodate all members in one place with exclusive access to the pool and other facilities. Families now do not have to book separate rooms when traveling.

Bachelor Trip

Villa rentals can now also enjoy unique designs and large spaces both indoors and outdoors. These are just a few reasons why homestays or villas are becoming popular. Guests now don’t only book villas for long stays but also prefer to do so for short or quick getaways. There are multiple luxury villas on rent near Mumbai, including the acclaimed Holiday homes in Lonavala or in Alibaug, that are just a drive away.

Villa Magnolia, Alibaug

At a time when customers, especially in today’s times prefer experiential yet private, luxurious travel choices – villas or homestays offer quality, local, offbeat options and it is only set to grow more popular with travelers.


Picture courtesy – Actual pictures taken at the villa and Justaguy thing

Beautiful view